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semaphore.h File Reference
#include <wiiu/types.h>
#include "thread.h"
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struct  OSSemaphore


#define OS_SEMAPHORE_TAG   0x73506852u


void OSInitSemaphore (OSSemaphore *semaphore, int32_t count)
void OSInitSemaphoreEx (OSSemaphore *semaphore, int32_t count, const char *name)
int32_t OSGetSemaphoreCount (OSSemaphore *semaphore)
int32_t OSSignalSemaphore (OSSemaphore *semaphore)
int32_t OSWaitSemaphore (OSSemaphore *semaphore)
int32_t OSTryWaitSemaphore (OSSemaphore *semaphore)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define OS_SEMAPHORE_TAG   0x73506852u

Function Documentation

◆ OSGetSemaphoreCount()

int32_t OSGetSemaphoreCount ( OSSemaphore semaphore)

◆ OSInitSemaphore()

void OSInitSemaphore ( OSSemaphore semaphore,
int32_t  count 

◆ OSInitSemaphoreEx()

void OSInitSemaphoreEx ( OSSemaphore semaphore,
int32_t  count,
const char *  name 

◆ OSSignalSemaphore()

int32_t OSSignalSemaphore ( OSSemaphore semaphore)

◆ OSTryWaitSemaphore()

int32_t OSTryWaitSemaphore ( OSSemaphore semaphore)

◆ OSWaitSemaphore()

int32_t OSWaitSemaphore ( OSSemaphore semaphore)