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_gx_rmodeobj Struct Reference

#include <gx_struct.h>

Public Attributes

u32 viTVMode
u16 fbWidth
u16 efbHeight
u16 xfbHeight
u16 viXOrigin
u16 viYOrigin
u16 viWidth
u16 viHeight
u32 xfbMode
u8 field_rendering
u8 aa
u8 sample_pattern [12][2]
u8 vfilter [7]

Member Data Documentation

◆ aa

u8 _gx_rmodeobj::aa

◆ efbHeight

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::efbHeight

◆ fbWidth

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::fbWidth

◆ field_rendering

u8 _gx_rmodeobj::field_rendering

◆ sample_pattern

u8 _gx_rmodeobj::sample_pattern[12][2]

◆ vfilter

u8 _gx_rmodeobj::vfilter[7]

◆ viHeight

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::viHeight

◆ viTVMode

u32 _gx_rmodeobj::viTVMode

◆ viWidth

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::viWidth

◆ viXOrigin

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::viXOrigin

◆ viYOrigin

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::viYOrigin

◆ xfbHeight

u16 _gx_rmodeobj::xfbHeight

◆ xfbMode

u32 _gx_rmodeobj::xfbMode

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