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channel Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

struct replayreplay
struct instrumentinstrument
struct samplesample
struct note note
int id
int key_on
int random_seed
int pl_row
int sample_off
int sample_idx
int sample_fra
int freq
int ampl
int pann
int volume
int panning
int fadeout_vol
int vol_env_tick
int pan_env_tick
int period
int porta_period
int retrig_count
int fx_count
int av_count
int porta_up_param
int porta_down_param
int tone_porta_param
int offset_param
int fine_porta_up_param
int fine_porta_down_param
int xfine_porta_param
int arpeggio_param
int vol_slide_param
int gvol_slide_param
int pan_slide_param
int fine_vslide_up_param
int fine_vslide_down_param
int retrig_volume
int retrig_ticks
int tremor_on_ticks
int tremor_off_ticks
int vibrato_type
int vibrato_phase
int vibrato_speed
int vibrato_depth
int tremolo_type
int tremolo_phase
int tremolo_speed
int tremolo_depth
int tremolo_add
int vibrato_add
int arpeggio_add

Member Data Documentation

◆ ampl

int channel::ampl

◆ arpeggio_add

int channel::arpeggio_add

◆ arpeggio_param

int channel::arpeggio_param

◆ av_count

int channel::av_count

◆ fadeout_vol

int channel::fadeout_vol

◆ fine_porta_down_param

int channel::fine_porta_down_param

◆ fine_porta_up_param

int channel::fine_porta_up_param

◆ fine_vslide_down_param

int channel::fine_vslide_down_param

◆ fine_vslide_up_param

int channel::fine_vslide_up_param

◆ freq

int channel::freq

◆ fx_count

int channel::fx_count

◆ gvol_slide_param

int channel::gvol_slide_param

◆ id

int channel::id

◆ instrument

struct instrument* channel::instrument

◆ key_on

int channel::key_on

◆ note

struct note channel::note

◆ offset_param

int channel::offset_param

◆ pan_env_tick

int channel::pan_env_tick

◆ pan_slide_param

int channel::pan_slide_param

◆ pann

int channel::pann

◆ panning

int channel::panning

◆ period

int channel::period

◆ pl_row

int channel::pl_row

◆ porta_down_param

int channel::porta_down_param

◆ porta_period

int channel::porta_period

◆ porta_up_param

int channel::porta_up_param

◆ random_seed

int channel::random_seed

◆ replay

struct replay* channel::replay

◆ retrig_count

int channel::retrig_count

◆ retrig_ticks

int channel::retrig_ticks

◆ retrig_volume

int channel::retrig_volume

◆ sample

struct sample* channel::sample

◆ sample_fra

int channel::sample_fra

◆ sample_idx

int channel::sample_idx

◆ sample_off

int channel::sample_off

◆ tone_porta_param

int channel::tone_porta_param

◆ tremolo_add

int channel::tremolo_add

◆ tremolo_depth

int channel::tremolo_depth

◆ tremolo_phase

int channel::tremolo_phase

◆ tremolo_speed

int channel::tremolo_speed

◆ tremolo_type

int channel::tremolo_type

◆ tremor_off_ticks

int channel::tremor_off_ticks

◆ tremor_on_ticks

int channel::tremor_on_ticks

◆ vibrato_add

int channel::vibrato_add

◆ vibrato_depth

int channel::vibrato_depth

◆ vibrato_phase

int channel::vibrato_phase

◆ vibrato_speed

int channel::vibrato_speed

◆ vibrato_type

int channel::vibrato_type

◆ vol_env_tick

int channel::vol_env_tick

◆ vol_slide_param

int channel::vol_slide_param

◆ volume

int channel::volume

◆ xfine_porta_param

int channel::xfine_porta_param

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