texture map slot

Texture map slots to hold textures in. More...


#define GX_TEXMAP0   0
#define GX_TEXMAP1   1
#define GX_TEXMAP2   2
#define GX_TEXMAP3   3
#define GX_TEXMAP4   4
#define GX_TEXMAP5   5
#define GX_TEXMAP6   6
#define GX_TEXMAP7   7
#define GX_MAX_TEXMAP   8
#define GX_TEXMAP_NULL   0xff
#define GX_TEXMAP_DISABLE   0x100

Detailed Description

Texture map slots to hold textures in.

The GameCube's Graphics Processor (GP) can apply up to eight textures to a single surface. Those textures are assigned one of these slots. Various operations used on or with a particular texture will also take one of these items, including operations regarding texture coordinate generation (although not necessarily on the same slot).

This is different from TEV stage s, which are the actual quanta for work with textures.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GX_MAX_TEXMAP   8


#define GX_TEXMAP0   0

Texture map slot 0


#define GX_TEXMAP1   1

Texture map slot 1


#define GX_TEXMAP2   2

Texture map slot 2


#define GX_TEXMAP3   3

Texture map slot 3


#define GX_TEXMAP4   4

Texture map slot 4


#define GX_TEXMAP5   5

Texture map slot 5


#define GX_TEXMAP6   6

Texture map slot 6


#define GX_TEXMAP7   7

Texture map slot 7


#define GX_TEXMAP_DISABLE   0x100

Disable texmap lookup for this texmap slot (use bitwise OR with a texture map slot).


#define GX_TEXMAP_NULL   0xff

No texmap