TEV combiner operation

Color/Alpha combiner modes for GX_SetTevOp(). More...


#define GX_MODULATE   0
#define GX_DECAL   1
#define GX_BLEND   2
#define GX_REPLACE   3
#define GX_PASSCLR   4

Detailed Description

Color/Alpha combiner modes for GX_SetTevOp().

For these equations, Cv is the output color for the stage, Cr is the output color of previous stage, and Ct is the texture color. Av is the output alpha for a stage, Ar is the output alpha of previous stage, and At is the texture alpha. As a special case, rasterized color (GX_CC_RASC) is used as Cr and rasterized alpha (GX_CA_RASA) is used as Ar at the first TEV stage because there is no previous stage.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GX_BLEND   2

Cv=(1-Ct)Cr + Ct; Av=AtAr


#define GX_DECAL   1

Cv=(1-At)Cr + AtCt; Av=Ar


#define GX_MODULATE   0

Cv=CrCt; Av=ArAt


#define GX_PASSCLR   4

Cv=Cr; Av=Ar


#define GX_REPLACE   3

Cv=Ct; Ar=At