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connect_wiiupro.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <boolean.h>
#include "joypad_connection.h"
#include "../input_defines.h"
#include "../../driver.h"
#include "../common/hid/hid_device_driver.h"
Include dependency graph for connect_wiiupro.c:


struct  wiiupro_buttons
struct  wiiupro
struct  wiiupro_calib
struct  hidpad_wiiupro_data


struct wiiupro_buttons __attribute__ ((packed))
static void hidpad_wiiupro_send_control (struct hidpad_wiiupro_data *device)
static voidhidpad_wiiupro_init (void *data, uint32_t slot, hid_driver_t *driver)
static void hidpad_wiiupro_deinit (void *data)
static void hidpad_wiiupro_get_buttons (void *data, input_bits_t *state)
static int16_t hidpad_wiiupro_get_axis (void *data, unsigned axis)
static void hidpad_wiiupro_packet_handler (void *data, uint8_t *packet, uint16_t size)
static void hidpad_wiiupro_set_rumble (void *data, enum retro_rumble_effect effect, uint16_t strength)


bool a
bool b
bool x
bool y
bool l
bool r
bool zl
bool zr
bool minus
bool plus
bool l3
bool r3
bool home
bool left
bool right
bool up
bool down
struct wiiupro __attribute__
struct wiiupro_calibcalib_data
pad_connection_interface_t pad_connection_wiiupro

Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__()

struct wiiupro_buttons __attribute__ ( (packed )

◆ hidpad_wiiupro_deinit()

static void hidpad_wiiupro_deinit ( void data)
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◆ hidpad_wiiupro_get_axis()

static int16_t hidpad_wiiupro_get_axis ( void data,
unsigned  axis 

◆ hidpad_wiiupro_get_buttons()

static void hidpad_wiiupro_get_buttons ( void data,
input_bits_t state 

◆ hidpad_wiiupro_init()

static void* hidpad_wiiupro_init ( void data,
uint32_t  slot,
hid_driver_t driver 
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◆ hidpad_wiiupro_packet_handler()

static void hidpad_wiiupro_packet_handler ( void data,
uint8_t packet,
uint16_t  size 
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◆ hidpad_wiiupro_send_control()

static void hidpad_wiiupro_send_control ( struct hidpad_wiiupro_data device)
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◆ hidpad_wiiupro_set_rumble()

static void hidpad_wiiupro_set_rumble ( void data,
enum retro_rumble_effect  effect,
uint16_t  strength 

Variable Documentation

◆ __attribute__

struct wiiupro __attribute__

◆ a

◆ b

◆ calib_data

struct wiiupro_calib* calib_data

◆ down

bool down

◆ home

bool home

◆ l

bool l

◆ l3

bool l3

◆ left

◆ minus

bool minus

◆ pad_connection_wiiupro

pad_connection_interface_t pad_connection_wiiupro
Initial value:
= {
static int16_t hidpad_wiiupro_get_axis(void *data, unsigned axis)
Definition: connect_wiiupro.c:169
static void * hidpad_wiiupro_init(void *data, uint32_t slot, hid_driver_t *driver)
Definition: connect_wiiupro.c:83
static void hidpad_wiiupro_deinit(void *data)
Definition: connect_wiiupro.c:114
static void hidpad_wiiupro_get_buttons(void *data, input_bits_t *state)
Definition: connect_wiiupro.c:122
#define NULL
Pointer to 0.
Definition: gctypes.h:65
static void hidpad_wiiupro_packet_handler(void *data, uint8_t *packet, uint16_t size)
Definition: connect_wiiupro.c:186
static void hidpad_wiiupro_set_rumble(void *data, enum retro_rumble_effect effect, uint16_t strength)
Definition: connect_wiiupro.c:250

◆ plus

bool plus

◆ r

◆ r3

bool r3

◆ right

◆ up

bool up

◆ x

◆ y

◆ zl

bool zl

◆ zr

bool zr